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E2Labs and its Partners provide comprehensive IT security services and Real-World Cyber Defense Training Our approach is unique in putting emphasis on the human factor’s importance in protecting against cyber threats, seeing it as the “weakest link” in your cyber armor. Our solutions help to enhance and to strengthen your employees’ knowhow and their reactions when faced with genuine threats.

Our Partner’s joint venture, with a 7.7 billion USD company and Cyber Control. A leading cyber security consultancy established by the ex - National Security Authority Experts, operatives and cyber warfare experts. Our team has “battle proven” experience in combating advanced cyber threats, relying on years of guarding against several unique security threats.

  • Defense Security

  • Transportation

  • Space

  • Aerospace

  • Custom Solutions


The Core of E2Labs active cyber-defense solutions consists of intensive hands-on training of your staff (organization-wide: IT specialists, control engineers, operators and management), in real-world, perfectly emulated cyber environment. The defense combat training programs, tailored to simulate your specific environment and settings, train your staff in responding to countering and fending-off-real-world threats to your network.

Training Facility

E2Labs is a unique world-class cyber security training facility, which effectively duplicates actual working-environment processes with an emphasis on SCADA environments. It provides trainees with a unique opportunity to practice and gain hands –on experience in all aspects of cyber defense during real cyber-attacks.

Debriefing & Enhancement

E2Labs system records all the scenarios and the recordings are used for debriefing and further improving and refining of the staff’s countering and defensive skills against cyber-attacks. Since the training takes place in a customized environment that simulates your individual organization’s setup, the training will also result in improvements that can be implemented in your cyber defense system, increasing the level of your technological protection.

E2Labs specializes in defending SCADA systems for:

  • Public utilities and critical infrastructure
  • Processes and heavy industry
  • Communication
  • Financial Services
  • Customized arenas and training solutions for any technological environment

The Challenge

How it works

The Solution

The Results

The E2Labs Training Arena

Cyber Warrior Training Services

Train Like You Fight

Organizations worldwide face a dangerous shortage of Cyber Warriors with the skills required to defend against cyber terrorism. This urgent situation is made worse by the weaknesses and vulnerabilities that continue to pervade critical IT infrastructures — despite Billions of Dollars invested in Cyber Security measures.

Addressing these problems requires Internet-scale simulation environments, along with a comprehensive training curriculum and proven methodologies, to develop elite Cyber Warriors and simulate attacks on IT infrastructures. Military commanders, defense contractors, and even commercial analysts such as Gartner refer to these environments as “Cyber warriors.” Although Cyber warriors are a necessity for training Cyber Warriors, in recent years the old approach to building them has been exposed as a costly and futile exercise. Flagship Cyber warrior projects relying on that outmoded approach.


Protecting Critical Infrastructure

We with our Partners provide a turnkey solution to Protect Critical Infrastructure. Our team of Cyber intelligence researchers continuously monitors Cyber Threat developments and provide our customers with intelligence-based threat alerts and analysis. Working with industry leading cyber security partners, we are able to complement these alerts with solid technical consulting to allow proper threat mitigation.

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