• Reducing the impact of   unpredictable attacks to an Organization.
  • Will learn about current threat trends across the internet and their Impact on Organizational Security.
  • Through Lecture, Hands on Labs, Tools, Course Material
  • Examine sample exploits,    and gain hands-on   experience mitigating controls.
  • Counter measures for the SQL Injection Vulnerabilities.
  • XSS Flaws, Sea Surf(XSRF), Session Fixation.
  • Cookie Spoofing along with RFI & LFI Techniques.


E2Labs offers an entirely new approach to exciting possibilities of Breaking Down a website for Real!!.


E2labs is conducting highly innovative Hands on Web Application & Web Penetration Security course, Which is geared to provide an actionable skill set that can be utilized to mitigate enterprise risk from day one “ That’s why it is crucial that every IT Organization learns How to secure a Web Site, Web-Application, Classification & Identification of Vulnerabilities, Attack methods and Solutions and by implementing enforceable security policies.


Trainer’s Profile:

Chris  Russo  has  been  working  as  an  independent  consultant  for  5  years,  reporting  several vulnerabilities  in web  applications  and  websites  including  the  Large  Hadron  Collider,  Adobe, Microsoft,  Plenty  of  fish,  E-Harmony  &  Pirate  bay before  starting  to  work  as  Professional Penetration Tester at Rapid7 Argentina during the last year. He also developed tools for automatic and progressive analysis of web  applications as support during security audits. He currently heads his own company in Buenos Aires, dedicated to provide corporate  solutions in risk analysis, penetration testing and security trainings.

Get into the insights on How to secure a Web-Site, Web-Application, Classification & Identification of Vulnerabilities, Attack Methods and Solutions and by Implementing Enforceable Security Policies.

Who should attend?

• IT Managers

• IT Security Specialists

• Government Officials

• C.I.O, C.T.O, C.S.O

• Banking Officials

• Corporate Sectors

• Telecom Operators

• Law Enforcement Agencies

• Cyber Cells

• Security auditors

• Vulnerability Assessor

• IT Auditors

• Advocates & Judges

• Computer Forensics Expert

• Network Administrators

• Software Developer

• Web Application Developers

• Students

• System Admin

• Individuals and Enthusiasts interested in the course.

Venue:                                                           Dates:

Hotel Fortune katriya                                   18th  – 22nd March 2013

 Only a limited number of participants will be accepted for the program.